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Welcome to the Center for Wireless Communications at the University of California, San Diego. CWC was established in 1995 and rapidly became a leader in wireless communications research. With its preeminent faculty and high caliber graduate students, CWC partners with companies to address the emerging needs of the wireless communications industry. CWC faculty and students engage in a broad range of research areas ranging from wireless applications, to networking, digital communication systems and high-speed integrated circuits.


Designing Optimal Resource Sharing in the Long Run

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mihaela van der Schaar

Host: Professor Tara Javidi

The problem of resource sharing is ubiquitous: transceivers need to share the scarce wireless spectrum; traffic flows need to share routers’ available bandwidth; applications and tasks need to share the central processing units (CPUs) and memory of computer systems; consumer appliances need to share the available energy supply etc. A key feature of all such resource sharing problems is that the use of the resource by a single agent (e.g. a user, a transceiver, an application) has a negative effect on the usage of other agents sharing the same resource. Existing state-of-the-art solutions to this problem are generally inefficient, require extensive and perfect feedback and monitoring, and most of the time cannot cope with dynamic entry and exit or self-interested users.
In this talk, I will propose a novel, systematic and practical design framework for distributed resource sharing that is optimal (efficient), decentralized, requires minimal and imperfect feedback and monitoring, all [More...]

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