Research Overview

Low Power Devices, Energy-Efficient Communication, Renewable Energy Use

Internet of Everything

Ultra Low-Power & Robust Sensors, Communication

Mobile Health

Devices, Apps, Monitoring, Training

Mobile Multimedia

Interactive/Immersive Experiences, Gamification

Multimedia Communication

Modeling, Rendering, Compression, Stereo Panorama, Cross-layer optimization, latency, capacity, QoE

Networking and Information Theory

Ad-hoc, Cognitive, Software-Defined, Cyber-Physical, Network Coding

Baseband Signal Processing

Massive MIMO, Reconfigurable Radios, Interference Mitigation, Context Awareness

Wireless Devices and Circuits

Mixed-Signal, ADC, Power Amplifiers, Antennas, mmWave

Data Analytics

Learning, Classification, Recommendation, Object Recognition

Security, Privacy, Trust

IoT, Health, Enterprise