CWC Core Member

CWC Member

Annual Membership Fee:

Sales                  Fees

>$100M               $120K

>50-$100M          $75K

up to $50M          $37.5K


  • Appointment of company representative to the CWC Board of Directors with full voting rights
  • Full participation in deciding all CWC projects
  • IP rights on all inventions made by using funds provided from Member fees 
  • Participation in research reviews conducted twice a year reporting on all CWC projects
  • Premier participation (keynotes, speakership, panelist) in CWC events, including highly visible workshops and forums
  • Free registration of company employees at CWC events and dinners
  • Access to all CWC project publications; and presentations, live webcasts and recorded videos of all CWC events
  • Host up to three company employees annually with the title of “Visiting Scholar” to conduct research and development in collaboration with CWC faculty
  • Preferred access to CWC graduate students for internships and employments
  • CWC will arrange a minimum of one annual visit by select CWC faculty to the company; the visit will include seminars and discussions on topics of interest to the company
  • Participation in entrepreneurship programs, in partnership with the UCSD von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center
  • At the request of a member company, CWC can organize a “focus group discussion session” with industry and academia experts on topics of interest to member company
  • At the request of a member company, CWC can organize “innovation workshop” to foster innovation in member organization (at additional cost).